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How to Transfer Text Messages from Galaxy Note 2/3/4 to Note 5

samsung-galaxy-note-transferI am a fan of SAMSUNG, especially for the galaxy note series. This series of mobile phone screen is very big. I like watching TV shows and movies on cell phones, this phone is very suitable for me. I had been using the Galaxy Note 3 for a long time. It appeared a lot of problems, such as crash, the photos are not clear and so on. When I know the Note 5 launch, I has been asked my dad support me to buy it. In the end, I bought the phone.

Therefore, there is a problem bother me. I like to keep sending text messages between with friends. But the messages kept on a mobile phone. After I changed a new phone, I have no messages. I’m not used to it. I want to know the simple solution to solve this problem.

My friend told me that a simple solution. This way is using a transfer software such as Mobile Transfer. Mobile Transfer can help us for data transmission, whether it is between the mobile phones, also can between computer and phones. And, more importantly, data transfer between different systems of the phone can make it possible. With the help of this software, you can not only transfer text messages, but also contacts, call history, photos, videos, apps and so on from one Samsung to another. Now let me introduce how to run this software to solve the problem. The software have two ways to solve this problem.



Two Ways to Transfer Text Messages from Galaxy Note 2/3/4 to Note 5

Part 1 Direct Transfer Text Messages from Note 2/3/4 to Note 5

Tips: You need to prepare the computer, your mobile phones, and two USB cables.

Step 1. Running the Program

Download the Mobile Transfer on the PC. Run the software after installation. Then, it will pop up the following interface. Choose the option of “Phone to Phone Transfer” and press “Start”.

Step 2. Connect Your Device to Your Computer

Connect both your old and new galaxy note phones to the computer through the USB cables. After the software recognizes both devices, they will display on the windows. If the location of the mobile phone is wrong, you can click on “Flip” to exchange them.

Step 3. Choose the Content to Copy

As you can see, all the transferable contents are listed in the middle panel of the program, by default, they are all checked, if you just need text messages, please uncheck what you don’t needed and then click on the blue button “Start Transfer”. After some minutes, the transferring is done, it will pop up new windows. Please click “OK” to close the dialog.

Part 2 Transfer Text Messages from Kies Backup to Note 5

Tips: You should have a Kies backup files regularly, and stored in the computer.

Step 1. Running the Program and Choose a Transfer Mode

It is similar to the first method. But on the main interface, you need to press “Restore From Backups” and select “Kies” to move on.

Step 2. Choose the Data to Transfer to Note 5

And then, the software will load all the Samsung Kies backups inside your PC, just choose the one you wanted to scan it. After scanning, choose what you want to restores from the selected Kies backup and press “Start Copy” to move them to your Note 5.

This software not only can help the mobile phone transfer content between the different system, but also can prevent the loss of the data. Why not download one to try.

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