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How to Transfer SMS Text Messages from Samsung to Note 7

transfer-songs-to-s7Following the release of the Samsung Note 5, people have been looking forward to Note6. However, the Samsung Note 6 does not exist; the official has announced that the Samsung Note 7’s conference will be held in August 2nd at the Lincoln center in New York! Note 7 equipped with a 5.8-inch screen with 2K Super AMOLED, using 823 Qualcomm snapdragon processor, in addition, it uses 6GB of RAM and type-C port. What’s more, it will run Android 6.0 system.

Note 7’s release will undoubtedly give people an injection of stimulants, especially Samsung fans. Because Samsung Note series has been very popular with people, people have been looking forward to its continuous innovation. A lot of people have expressed their willingness to buy Note 7. And I’m here to talk about another problem. When we buy a new cell phone, we often have the need to transfer the information in the old phone to the new phone. How do we do it?

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How can you transfer SMS Text messages from Samsung galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5/S6/Note 2/3/4/5/Ace/A3/A5/A7/A8/A9/J1/J2/J3/J5/J7 to new Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

Samsung Transfer is a mobile phone tools which with rich and diverse feature. You can install it on your computer to complete your data processing requirements for your mobile phone. At the same time, it is very safe and reliable. You don’t need to worry about the phone’s data being leaked out. And it has four main functions, respectively, transfer, backup, restore and delete. These functions can meet the basic needs of customers.


How to Transfer SMS Text Messages from Samsung to Samsung Note 7

First step. First of all, you need to install Mobile Trans to your computer. You can download the Mobile Trans by using the above download buttons. Next, run it. After running, you can see the main interface has four functions, please click on “Phone To Phone Transfer”.

Second step. Please connect your phones to your computer with the USB line. Because you need to transfer data from the old Samsung mobile phone to Note7, the old Samsung needs to be displayed on the left. If it is opposite to Note7’s location, click “Flip”.

Third step. At the moment, you can transfer the message. Find and check text messages in the middle of the window, and then click “Start Transfer”. Next, you just need to wait. Finally, after the completion of the task, click “OK”.

Please note that in the process of transmission, you need to ensure that the connection status of the two mobile phones is normal.


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