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Transfer Contacts from Sony to Samsung Galaxy S8

My colleagues often comment on his SONY phone, for example, Its body glass is vulnerable to fingerprints and lack of control, the fuselage is not radiating well, poor endurance, lack of system optimization and so on. And these problems also appear on a lot of mobile phones, we can avoid buying this kind of phone as far as possible. So, I suggest that he buy Samsung S8 or S8+. As the flagship mobile phone of Samsung, its configuration and function are perfect.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are the new generation of smartphone products launched by South Korea’s Samsung Corp, which has been released on February 2017, MWC. It is equipped with 10nm process Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895 processor. There are two versions of 5.8 inches and 6.2 inches. Its side joined an independent button, you can breathe out the new Bixby artificial intelligence assistant. Users can easily access the Bixby home page by simply pressing the Bixby special button and performing services and applications with simple voice, touch, and text commands.

My colleagues are also very optimistic about these two phones, and in my encouragement, he decided to buy a Samsung S8. However, he had a tough problem, he wanted to move the contacts from his old SONY phone to Samsung S8, but he didn’t know how to move it.

When it comes to transferring phone data, I have to say Phone to Phone Transfer. This software can really help you transfer your phone data from SONY to Samsung S8/S8+, which is called the world’s first data transfer software. First of all, it can transfer various types of data, such as text messages, contacts, photos, call history, videos, music, calendars, and app data. Secondly, it is compatible with mobile devices of various systems, such as iPhone, HUAWEI, Samsung, SONY, ZTE, LG, vivo, OPPO, and so on. In addition, its steps are simple and convenient, and you only need three steps to complete the data transfer. What’s more, the entire process is secure and your phone data will not be corrupted or deleted.


Steps to Transfer Contacts from Sony to Samsung Galaxy S8

Step 1. Run Phone to Phone Transfer on your computer

Please download and install Phone to Phone Transfer on your computer. Next, run Phone to Phone Transfer, and you’ll see four projects on the main screen, where you need to click “Phone To Phone Transfer”.

Step 2. Connect your SONY and Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ to your computer

Next, please prepare two USB lines and use them to connect your SONY and Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ to your computer. When two phones are connected to the computer and recognized by the program, they are displayed on both sides. As a destination phone, the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ should display the right. If its location is reversed with SONY, click “Flip”.

Step 3. Check your contacts and start transferring

At the same time, you can see that there are some data types between two phones. They are transferable, such as contacts, photos, text messages and so on. Depending on your needs, you can only check the contacts, and then uncheck other types, click “Start Transfer”.

Note: when the contact begins to move to the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, please ensure that the connection between the phone and the computer is normal and the whole process is not interrupted.

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