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How to Transfer Calendar from Samsung to Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

transfer-calendar-to-s7“I am a fan of Samsung and I fell in love with the products of Samsung. Recently, I brought a new Galaxy S7 Edge as soon as it came out. But I found it too time-wasting to transfer my carefully planned calendar events. Are there any way to faster this tedious process?

In our life, the similiar cases happen from time to time. The transfering process lasts for a long time, which is dull and unbearable. Therefore, many people want to look for a more effective way. Let me introduce an easy way to you. Fortunately, the existence of Wondershare MobileTrans save their time.

Enjoying plenty of users, Mobile Transfer is popular because of its mighty function. Not to mention that it supports more than 3000 devices, it enables us to transfer contacts, photos, calanders, music, videos and many other important data between two devices, whatever phone to phone, phone to PC or PC to phone. It is safe and easy to operate.

Below directions will show you how to move your phone calendar between two devices.


Directly Transfer Calendar from Old Galaxy to Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Step 1. Download, Install and Run the Program

After you run the program, the user interface will appear on the screen of the PC. You are required to choose the “Phone to Phone Tranfer” mode and press “Start”.

Step 2. Connect Two Devices to Computer

And then you will be asked to connect two devices to the PC with USB cables.Make sure that your phones are recognized by the PC. If your phones are in the wrong position, click “Flip” to change.

Step 3. Check the Content You Need

On the middle section, all the data that can be copied is listed. Make sure you check the box of “Calendar”. By the way, you can erase the unnecessary data in your old Samsung if you want. You just need to check the box under the destination phone.

Step 4. Start Syncing Data

Click “Start Copy” icon and your calendar will be transferred to another Android phone.

It highly raise efficiency as long as you use this easy-to-use Mobile Transfer tool.


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