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Import Photos Videos from Samsung to Samsung S8/Edge

A few days ago, I pick up the mobile phone to see photos video which record the time I volunteer those kids in summer vacation,and I missed them suddenly. I think the teaching experience in summer vacation for me is really precious, so even if my Samsung mobile phone memory again I would not reluctant to delete, because I hope I can see at any time when miss. However, my Samsung mobile phone seems to be out of order recently, it often inexplicably automatic shutdown, I thought I would like to change the phone after the end of the year. Since the Samsung Note 7 explosion,I have been heard that Samsung in order to make up for the loopholes would prepare Samsung S8in advance, which cell phone I like . Samsung S8/Edge will support 4K screens as well as VR glasses, accelerate the popularity of VR devices, leading apple in this field. I want to be able to import photos videos from my original Samsung to Samsung S8/Edge.

You should believe that only you can not think, no technology can not do.So only you download a software called Mobile Transfer on your computer,you can achieve your thought..Mobile Transfer is a secure free data transfer software. It can transfer data like messages,contacts,videos in different systems of mobile phones. At the same time, it can also back up as well as store the data to the computer. it can completely remove the phone data.In other words,this software can help you import data from one mobile phone to another one,so let alone import photos videos,and next I will tell you how to import photos videos from Samsung to Samsung S8/Edge.


Steps to Transfer Photos Videos from Samsung to Samsung S8/Edge:

Step 1. Choose import mode
Download,install and run Mobile Transfer on your computer. Next, choose the mode called “Phone to Phone Transfer”,which can both transfer and import data.

Step 2. Connect your two phones to your computer
Next, connecting your two phones to your computer with two USB lines.

Noted:Be sure that the old phone is displayed on the left;while the new phone is on the right.

Step 3. Import photos videos from Samsung to Samsung S8/Edge.
In this way you can import photos videos by transfer it.So,when connection is successful, the program will scan files which you can transfer.You just to choose”photos videos”and click on “Start Transfer”.

Note:Please wait patiently during the transfer program and make your phones are connected to your computer before the transfer program finish.

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