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How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Oppo R9/R9S?

Because I like to take pictures, my boyfriend bought a OPPO R9S to me. And there are many beautiful photos in my old Samsung phone; can I transfer these photos to OPPO R9S?
Whether you are a OPPO R9 or OPPO R9S user, you may encounter the need to transfer old phone data when buying them, just like the above example. No matter what type of file you transfer, you need an effective method. After all, sometimes the data we need to transfer are important. So, when we encounter this situation, how should we solve? I recommend to use MobileTrans.

MobileTrans can quickly help you transfer photos from Samsung phones to OPPO R9 or OPPO R9S. You only need three steps to transfer data. These steps are very simple. In addition, MobileTrans can transfer photos, contacts, text messages, music, calendar, call history, video, app and other documents. You can use MobileTrans in Samsung, OPPO, HUAWEI, LG, SONY, iPhone and other phones. What’s more, the software can also help you back up the phone data to the computer, restore the backup data to the phone and delete files on the phone. Overall, MobileTrans is a comprehensive software.


Steps to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Oppo R9/R9S:

Step 1. Download and run MobileTrans
After downloading and installing MobileTrans on your computer, run it. Then, there are four modules in the main interface, select and click “Phone ToPhone Transfer”.

Step 2. Connect Samsung phone and OPPO R9/R9S
Connect your Samsung and OPPO R9/R9S to the computer using the USB line. Samsung phone should be on the left as a source phone; OPPO R9/R9S should be on the right as the destination phone. If not, click “Flip”.

Step 3. Select photos and transfer
There are a number of options that can be transferred between two phones, including contacts, photos, SMS, etc.. Please check the photos and click “Start Transfer”.

PS: in the process of transfer, you must ensure that two phones have been connected to the computer.

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