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How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ to Computer

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ has a powerful shooting feature. HD photos and people can be photographed. With the development of social networks, people often share their photos with their mobile phones on social networks. So people will use the phone’s shooting function very frequently. Taking photos by using phone is awfully conveniently. So there are a lot of people using phone’s camera. However high-definition pictures often require a lot of memory. Therefore this will lead to insufficient memory for mobile phone users. How to solve this problem? How to reduce the risk of missing photos which in your phone ? In order to release your phone memory and keep your photos safely. I think you’d better use a back software to backup the significant photos from your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ to your computer.

There are many kinds of backup software. How to choose a right one? To transfer photos from Samsung S8/S8+ to computer, Mobile Transfer is a great choice which I strongly recommend. Here I will introduce this program to you carefully.

Why Mobile Transfer is a good choice? Because it has the powerful function such as directly transfer data from one phone to another, backup your phone data to your computer, restore data from backup file to your phone and so on. What is the most important, it is safe, reliable and fast transfer speeds. At the same time, it is It supports different phone brands such as Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, HTC, LG, Sony, OPPO, ViVo, Motolora and so on. Here I will introduce the steps of this software to you.



Step to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ to Computer

Step 1. Connect your device to the computer

First at all, download and install the software. Then run the program on your computer, get your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ connected to the computer. Next, click “Back Up Your Phone” in the primary window.

Step 2. Choose the file and start to backup

The fires are all displayed in the middle of the window. Check the file and then click “Start Transfer”. And the data backup begins. Just wait and till it’s complete. Remember not to disconnect the phone and the computer, or the transmission will be interrupted Just wait until you can see all the found private data in the scan result.

Step 3. Check your backup file

When the backup process is complete, you can click on the pop-up window to access it. Or you can go to the settings to find the backup file. Of cause, you also can change the path of your backup file there.

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