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How to Move Photos from iPhone to Android

“Hello, I’m going to buy a new Android instead of old iPhone 4S. Is there no way to move large amounts of iPhone pictures to Android, very anxious, help?”

Pictures record the beautiful moments in the life, I believe that many iPhone users have saved a lot of photos on the Phone.These pictures very memorable, when you switch devices, you need to transfer iPhone Photos to new Phone.But iPhone and Android are running two difficult OS,I have tried transfer Photo one by one, too time consuming.And I do not want to spend too much time on the transfer of data, I need a simple way, just a few steps to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android.

if you want to move pictures between iPhone and Android,Especially Store a lot of pictures.Phone Transfer is a good data transfer tool,which allow you to transfer all Pictues on your iPhone to Android Phone with one click,In addition, you can also transfer data like Contacts,Messages,Call history,music,ect. between two mobile phones.


Three steps to transfer Photos from iPhone to Android

Step 1. Download Mobile Transfer and run it

You will see the following software interface after you download and launch Phone to Phone Transfer.

Step 2. The iphone and Android connected to the same computer

Please connect both your Android and iPhone to the computer via USB cables,then you need to click “Phone to Phone Transfer“mode.MobileTrans will detect your two phones as soon as possible.

Note:if you want to transfer Photos from iPhone to Android, Source place is for iPhone,Destination is for Android,click “Flip” to exchange their palces.

Step 3. Move pictures from iPhone to Android phone Software

interface will be displayed in the middle of data you can transfer, if you just want to transfer photos, you just need to mark Photos,and click “Start Copy” to begin the transfer. Then you need to be patient, the process may take you a few minutes.


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