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How to Transfer Text Messages from Samsung to iPhone 6(Plus)

samsung-galaxy-s6-edgeThe trouble thing is my Samsung mobile phone fell down from the surface of the table and the screen was broken. change a screen is too expensive. At the same time, my mobile phone has been used for 2 years. So I made a decision to buy a new phone. In the end, with the support of parents I have bought an iPhone 6 plus. Just to solve a problem, the new problem appeared. I kept text messages with friends on my old Samsung Galaxy phone. However, these messages stored on mobile phones rather than calling card and memory card. In the same way, I have a habit. I regularly to backup cell phone data on computer. But I just want to send these text messages from old Samsung Galaxy phone to the new iPhone 6 Plus. But I don’t know how to do. Who can help me to solve this problem.

In fact, Mobile Transfer can help you to solve this program, with the help of it, we can restore data from the backup files of different systems to new iPhone 6 plus. it can also transfer your text messages from android samsung to iPhone 6 plus, if you want to copy the contacts, videos, photos, calendar and more from old Samsung galaxy to iPhone, Mobile Transfer can be the good choice for you. Next, let me tell you how to do. There are two way to solve this problem.


Way 1, Restore Samsung Kies Backup to new iPhone 6 plus

Tips: you should downloads the software, backups.

Step 1. Click “Restore From Backups” Mode. And then please press “Kies” to the next step.

Step 2. And then, the software will load the Samsung Kies backups inside your PC. After scanning, choose what you want to restores from the selected Kies backup and press “Start Copy” to move them to your iPhone.

Way 2: transfer SMS from Samsung to iPhone 6 plus

Tips: You need to prepare the computer, mobile phone, cell phone USB cables.

Step1, running the program

Download the Mobile Transfer on the PC. Open the software and log in. Then, it will pop up the following interface. Click on the button of phone to phone transfer.

Step2: Connect your samsung and iPhone to the same computer via two USB cables

Connect both your old and new phones to the computer through the USB cable. After the software recognizes both devices, it will pop up the following windows. If the location of the mobile phone is wrong, you can click on “Flip” to exchange them.

Step3:Choose the content to copy

Click the “text messages” and then click on the blue button “start transfer”. After some minutes, the transferring is done, it will pop up new windows. Please click “NotNow” and then click “Ok”.
This software Mobile Transfer has strong practicability. It can help us to solve the problem of a lot of data. Come on, download one to try.


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