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How to Transfer Photos Videos from iPhone 5/5S to iPhone 7/7 Plus

I have been looking for a simple way to transfer photos and videos from iPhone 5S to iPhone7, because these photos and videos are a witness to my life. They record what I have experienced in the past two years. Every time I look at these photos and video, I will be very touched and happy. There are a lot of free software on the net that can help me to transfer these files. But I don’t trust them. I would like to be able to download a secure and trusted software to solve my problem. However, which one should I choose?

I highly recommend you to use the Mobile Transfer. The software has received a lot of praise. And it certainly deserves people’s admiration. This is a very safe data processing software. You can use the software to transfer files to another mobile phone, including contacts, videos, photos, music, etc.. The software is still in the process of improving. In the future, there will be an increasing number of file types that can be identified and processed by Mobile Transfer. Moreover, the operating method of this software is very simple. You can use the following tutorial to understand the software.


Simple Steps to Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone 5/5S to iPhone 7/7 Plus

Step 1. Launch Mobile Transfer and Select a Function Mode

Downloading the program is the first step you have to do, and then install and run it. Next, you can see the four function modules, please select “Phone to Phone Transfer” and press “Start”.

Step 2. Connect iPhones to Your Computer

Connect the phone to the computer is the second step. So you need to prepare two USB lines. When the phone is successfully identified by the program, their desktop will be displayed on the computer. And the old phone should be shown on the left. You can also click “Flip” to change the location of the two mobile phones.

Step 3. Select Videos and Photos and Begin to Transfer Them

The last step, you need to check the photos and videos. Then, click “Start Transfer” to switch them from the old iPhone 5/5S to the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Finally, after the process is complete, the program will pop up a window and click “OK” “. In addition, please confirm that the connection status of the two mobile phones is normal. If you have other needs, you can click on the upper right corner of the “Back to Homepage”.

Please keep your iPhones connected well until the transfer process completed.

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