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How to Transfer Data Contacts from iPhone to Huawei Mate X?

Summary: When Huawei Mate X once releases, some iPhone users may have doubts that how to transfer their data from iPhone to Huawei Mate X when they purchase the new latter one. Let’s browse the following paragraphs if you are one of them and also having the desires to transfer your data Contacts in quantities.

On the evening of February 24, Huawei officially released its first 5G folding screen mobile phone, Huawei Mate X, at the MWC2019 World Mobile Conference. Having chosen a flexible folding scheme based on the flexible screen, Huawei Mate X has four layers of structure design. The top layer is the screen protection layer of polymer material, the second layer is the flexible screen, the third layer is the soft film support film, and the bottom layer is the rotating shaft. Eagle wing folding scheme, original rotary shaft, folding seamless, can achieve 0-180 degrees of free folding. Following the user’s usage habits, Huawei Mate X has a screen ratio of 19.5:9 in folding state and 8:7.1 in unfolding state. The visual effect of large screen in flat form is more shocking. The single side thickness of Huawei Mate X fuselage is only 5.4 mm in deployment state, while the fuselage thickness is only 11 mm in folding state, which still keeps a good grip.

The appearance and user experience just mentioned above make this 5G folding screen mobile phone more futuristic and technological. Moreover, opening up a broader market is even more indifferent to it. Nevertheless, when iPhone users give up their old phones, and choose Huawei Mate X, transfering the old phone’s data to the new one in quantities or in order in a short time sounds that it can not be achieved. But you are wrong if you think so. I consider a program called Mobile Transfer could effortlessly help you solve the transfer problem.

Mobile Transfer, it can be described as an high cost-effective software. That is to say, only with one click and several simple steps, you could easily transfer all your data from iPhone to Huawei Mate X. Acutally, transfering any data like Contacts, Pictures, Videos, Documents, SMS Text Messages and more between iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, ZTE, HTC and others also works. Since it could transfer data, erasing data is also a part of fuctions of the software.


Transfer Data Contacts from iPhone to Huawei Mate X

Step 1. Startup Mobile Transfer and Choose the relevant interface.

In the initial operation, you are supposed to startup the genuine software Mobile Transfer on your computer. To achieve this, for more details you could press the rapid link above. And for information safety, we advise you to use your own personal computer. Then please choose and click “Phone to Phone Transfer” to continue.

Step 2. Take orders to concatenate your iPhone and Huawei Mate X.

Secondly, taking orders to concatenating your iPhone and Huawei Mate via two different USB interfaces is needed. Make sure that the old phone figure is not on the left, you could press the “Filp” button to exchange the directions of course.

Step 3. Choose Data Contacts option and then capacitate the procedure of transfer.

Last but not least, now you will see the data contents you could select right in the middle of the window interface. What you ought to do now is to tick the Contacts or more and click eventually “Start Transfer” to capacitate the procedure of transfer.

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