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How to Transfer Data from An Android Phone to Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung-Galaxy-S6-transfer-20141216001Android is the most widly use smartphone operating system in the world, no matter you are the user of Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motolora, HuaWei, ZTE, Acer, Dell and other brand of smartphone or tablet, they all run the Android OS. You have used to used an Android device and enjoy from it? And you are planning to change another Android phone which performance is more powerful? There is no doubt that the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 is your ideal choice. The Samsung Galaxy S6 equipped with 4K display screen, carrying a 64-bit of Snapdragon 810 quad-core processors, in addition to introducing metal fuselage, Samsung Galaxy S6 also launch a curved surface screen version, which having a fingerprint sensor, heart detection sensor and so on. This is indeed very attractively.

If you had bought or wanting to buy a fully new Samsung Galaxy S6 to replace your old Android phone or other device, what your firstly need to do is switching your data like contacts, text messages, photos, music, Apps and other important files from the old Android device to your Samsung Galaxy S6, so that you can enjoy your new Samsung without any constraints. However, is there any easy-to-use and efficiently way to sync data from phone to phone? Please don’t worry, that’s what an useful solution that we going to introduce with you.

Mobile Transfer is a fully integrated of phone data transfer and management software. With the help of this transfer program, you can easily transfer your data like contacts, SMS, media files and other data among Symbian, iOS and Android devices with just a simple click. Therefore, you can copy your data from almost any Android phones or tablets to the Samsung Galaxy S6 with ease. Besides, the program also allows you one click to backup & restore your data, permanently erase all data and settings from your Android devices.

Free download a trial version here, and follow the below steps to sync your data now.


Directly Transfer Data from One Android device to Samsung Galaxy S6

Step 1. Launch the program and connect both of your phones to computer

Run the Mobile Transfer software after installation, and click “Start” to enter the phone to phone transfer window.

Then connect both your old phone and Samsung Galaxy S6 to your computer via USB cables. When your phones are recognized by the program, you can see the window as below picture.

Step 2. Transfer data to Samsung Galaxy S6 from your old Android device

As soon as your two of your devices being detected, the transferable data from the source phone will automatically being scanned and displayed in the middle panel, including contacts, text messages, calendar, photos, music, videos and more. What you need to do is mark the data those you want to sync with Galaxy S6, and click on “Start Copy” to transfer them with ease.

Note: You can tap the “Flip” button to exchange the position of your source and destination phones. Besides, please keep in mind that do not disconnect both of your phone during the transfer process.

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