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How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy C9

transfer-all-data-to-samsung-c9Samsung company released the Samsung Note 7 before, but the national version has not yet been released, and it is alleged that Samsung Note 7 will have a special version shipped 6GB. Samsung said it took great importance of its Chinese market and users, and often launched Chinese exclusive new machines, such as Galaxy C9 for China came recently, now this machine has been unveiled in India import and export website. According to the India import and export website Zauba information display, the Samsung C9 Galaxy model for SM-C9000, equipped with 5.7 inches display, and C7 screen size is consistent, rather than the legendary 6 inch screen exaggerated. But even so, I still looking forward to the Samsung new machine of Chinese exclusive , and I have a crazy idea, which is when the Samsung Galaxy C9 is launched, I would change the Samsung Note 7 that I buy shortly before for Samsung Galaxy C9, on behalf of the support of Samsung China exclusive new machine. Thinking of this,I am worried about that my original mobile phone data how to do it, the total can not be used to change a mobile phone to let the original data to lose it, those who are very important to me. Here to help you, is there any solution ah? Please.

This problem is actually don’t need to bother, as long as you download a software called Mobile Transfer on your computer. Mobile Transfer is a software that can transfer data between phones, including iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows, etc. It can transfer a very wide range of data, including calendar, contacts, photos, videos, call logs, SMS and so on. Not only that, it is also very simple to operate, the following I will introduce how to transfer data from old Samsung phone to Samsung Galaxy C9 by using this powerful program.


Steps to Transfer Data from Old Samsung to Samsung Galaxy C9

Step 1: Select the Transmission Mode

There is no doubt that you have to download, install and run Mobile Transfer. After the success of the operation, you need to choose the mode, that is “Phone to Phone Transfer”.

Step 2: Connect Your Phones to Your Computer

Next, connect both of your old Samsung phone and the Samsung Galaxy C9 to your PC via USB cables.

Note: Please ensure that your old Samsung device as a source phone is displayed on the left side of the program, while the Samsung Galaxy C9 as the purpose phone is connected to the right side of the window. Besides, you can also exchange their location by clicking on the “Flip”.

Step 3: Transfer the Selected Data to Samsung Galaxy C9

When your phones are tested successfully, you’ll see a page with lots of options on it, and you can check the data which you want to transfer. And then you can click on “Star Transfer”, so your choice of the project will be transfer from old Galaxy to Samsung Galaxy C9. Here, you have to remember that either of your phone can not be disconnected during the whole transfer process.

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