How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Note 20

Summary: Always using iPhone now want to use the upcoming Samsung Note 20? Do you know how to transfer data from iPhone to new Samsung quickly and safely? This paper will provide a powerful data recovery software Mobile Transfer to help users easily solve all data transmission problems.

Samsung S20 series is a series of models released by Samsung in the first half of this year. In the second half of this year, Samsung should release Samsung Note 20 series. Compared with Samsung S20 series, the configuration and performance of Samsung note 20 series will be better improved. There are more and more news about Samsung Note 20 series on the Internet. It seems that its basic configuration has been determined. Not surprisingly, Samsung Note 20 series will be equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 865 processor and a mobile phone supporting 5G network function. And it’s also pretty good in terms of storage mix. It will be equipped with at least 12GB + 128GB memory mix. In the aspect of screen, Samsung Note 20 series will adopt 2K 120Hz high refresh rate screen. Meanwhile, the proportion of screen will be larger and the edge will be further reduced. On the back of the phone, there is a glass panel. In terms of taking photos, the Samsung Note20 series will be equipped with four rear cameras, namely 100 million pixels + 12 million pixels + 12 million pixels TOF + 8 million pixels + 40 million pixels. There is also a front camera (40 million pixels). In terms of charging, Samsung Note 20 series will support wireless charging and fast charging.

A Samsung note 20 with satisfactory performance will cause many people to buy it. Whether it’s fans who have been using Samsung, other Android users or iPhone users, it’s the same. If you’ve been using iPhone, maybe you’re also interested in learning about and purchasing Samsung Note 20. When changing your mobile phone, do you consider how to transfer a lot of data from iPhone to Android Samsung Note 20? You’ve probably heard a lot of methods, They can help you with data transmission, but you may not find a really simple and effective data recovery method like many users. Because you need to consider many factors, such as whether these methods can be compatible with iPhone and Samsung at the same time? Whether they support the data I need, such as contacts, call records, photos, etc., whether they are really effective, can help us to complete the transmission of the data we need quickly? Besides, if a large amount of data is being transferred,will there be any possibility of data being damaged or lost? So, a simple, effective,safe and compatible software is very important. For this, I will recommend you to use Mobile Transfer, which is a professional data transmission software with good user experience, And it’s very simple and effective. It’s the best way to transfer data.

Best Method: Transfer data from iPhone to Samsung Note 20 with Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer is a multi-functional transmission software that integrates data transmission and backup. First of all, it is easy to operate and has good transmission effect. We provide you with three simple transmission methods, all in a few simple steps, that is, it can be easily transferred.Secondly, it can transfer a variety of types of data: contacts, text messages,photos, video, audio, music, call records, applications, etc. So it can meet your actual needs. It is worth mentioning that it is very compatible with more than 7000 mobile phone models on the market. Whether it’s a variety of versions of the iPhone or other Android phones, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Google, LG, ZTE, oppo, Meizu, etc., are easily compatible. Therefore, this is a practical data transmission tool, which can meet your data transmission needs from all aspects. Of course, Mobile Transfer has a high security index. In the whole process of data transmission, your data will not be damaged or stolen, and you can be practical. It is worth mentioning that Mobile Transfer can not only transfer data, but also backup data, It will be your best data tool.

Models Included: Samsung Note 20/10/Note 9/Note 8/Note 7/Note 6,etc.
Data Included:contacts ,music,text messages, call history, photos , videos,files and more.







Method 1: Directly Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Note 20
Step 1: To begin with,install and run Mobile Transfer on you computer. Then select “Phone to Phone Transfer” and click on “Start” on the home page of the software.

Step 2: Please use two USB cables to connect the iPhone and Samsung Note 20 to your computer. Then confirm the location of two devices on the current page.Please ensure the iPhone displayed on the “Source” andd the other Samsung Note 20 displayed on the “Destination”. If they are displayed in the opposite order, click “Flip” to swap them.

Step 3: Now you can start to transfer data.Please select the items to be transferred from the page, and then click the “Start Transfer” to start the transfer process. The data needed for transmission depends on the number of selected files. Please wait patiently!

Method 2: Restore Data from iTunes Backup to Samsung Note 20

If you’ve ever synced data from your iPhone to iTunes, you can use Mobile Transfer to sync data from iTunes backup files to Samsung Note 20.

Step 1: After running the Mobile Transfer on the page, click “Restore from backups” and select ” iTunes”.

Step 2: Connect your Samsung Note 20 to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 3: Select the required backup from the iTunes backup file on the page, and then select the items you want to transfer from the selected backup.

Step 4: After that,check the selected data as required. Then click “Start transfer” to sync them to your Samsung Note 20.

Method 3: Recover Data from iCloud Backup to Samsung Note 20

If you have backed up your iPhone data to iCloud, you can sync the data from iCloud backup files Samsung Note 20 through Mobile Transfer.

Step 1: Run Mobile Transfer and click Restore from Backups to select iCloud.

Step 2: Login your iCloud account and connect your Samsung Note 20 to your computer.

Step 3: Choose an iCloud backup file as you like from the list and click “Download” to download it to your computer.

Step 4: After downloading, the program will automatically extract all the transferable file types and display to you on this page. Then select the data you want from the backup file and click “Start Transfer” to sync it to your Samsung Note 20.

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