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How to Transfer All Data from Android to iPhone

transferdatatoiphoneiOS 8 official version have released, apple has to teach you how to transfer data from Android to iOS system. To change different operating system platform of mobile phone isn’t as easy as stated above, you must transfer the old Android platform data to new iOS platform, including email address, contacts, calendar, photos, videos, music, electronic data, documents and the application.

The chief executive of Apple Tim Cook also made similar remarks, he have points out that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus could trigger “the mother of all upgrade”, it is meaning that Android users will switch to the iOS, because the reason is that the new iOS 8 system, the new iPhone 6/6 Plus “is better in every way”.

Apple’s transfer guide is very specific, for example, if you want to transfer the Android contacts, calendar to iOS, Apple is recommended all the iOS users to use third party transfer software tool, Mobile transfer is a good example, it has the iOS and Android applications, and it can transfer contacts, calendar, photos, videos, SMS and other data between two different platforms.

With Mobile transfer, you can also transfer contacts, videos, photos, text messages, call logs, apps and more between Android, Symbian and iPhone devices each other. So, it means that we can transfer any content from Android to Android, Android to iOS, Android to Symbian, iOS to Android, iOS to iOS, iOS to Symbian, Symbian to iOS, Symbian to Android, Symbian to Symbian.

You can download a free trial version below.


How to Transfer Data from Android to iOS Device

Step 1: Connect your Android and iOS device to computer

Thirst, please run the Mobile Transfer software and connect your old Android, iOS device on the computer. Then the main interface window will be pop up, select “Phone to Phone Transfer“, click “Start”.

Step 2: Start to transfer data from Android to iOS device.

Once both of your phones are detected by Mobile Transfer, the transferable data on your Android device will automatically show in the middle pane. Please mark those you’re going to move to another phone and click “Start” Copy. Then they can be fully copied to your destination phone.

Tips: Or you can backup and restore phone data to the computer just select “backup and restore” option in the Home Menu to bring up the Backup Panel.


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