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Transfer Data Contacts from Samsung to iPhone 5SE

There is no doubt that the important products of Apple Company are iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and a new handset with 4 inch screen, iPhone 5SE, which is rumoring. Apple will bring this new handset to users in March 15 in Spring Conference if nothing happen. So the big screen handset is very popular why Apple introduce this small size handset. The answer is user needs it. Steve Kovach, an editor of Business Inside, said when he attend his sister’s wedding, many families and friends ask him for the iPhone 5SE instead of iPhone 7. In fact, many users miss the 4 inch handset after the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch handset were published, because the small one is smaller and it can be used by one hand easily, and iPhone 6s or 6 plus is too big for some users.

My colleague Suki told me that she is now using Samsung Galaxy S5, although the performance experience is not bad,but she has a pity that the screen of her handset is too big. She is the people who like the handset with small screen but many Mobile Brand introduce the handset with big screen, so it is too difficult to find a handset which is small screen and has good performance. She hear Apple will introduce iPhone 5SE, equipped 4 inch and 2.5D screen, the Drop frequency version A9 Processor, 1GB RAM and a webcam with 8 million pixel, which like the small iPhone 6s except it can’t support 3D Touch, so she want to buy it.At the same time, she also expressed doubts to me, how to turn the original Samsung phone data transferred to the iPhone 5SE. I recommend a software to her.

Mobile Transfer is a simple and easy to operate, multifunctional data transfer software. It can meet the requirements of data processing, such as the transfer of data, backup data. So next, I will briefly introduce how to use this software to transfer your data like contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, and more from Samsung to iPhone 5Se with ease.


One Click to Transfer Everything From Samsung to iPhone 5SE

Step 1. Launch the Program and Choose a Transfer Mode

Download the software and install, and then run it. After the operation of the interface as shown below. Click “Phone To Phone Transfer”.

Step 2. Contect Both of Your Phones to PC

Two USB data lines are used to connect your Samsung and iPhone 5SE to your computer.After the connection is successful, the window will be the main interface with the two mobile phones,you can also click “Flip” to change the direction of data transmission.

Step 3. Transfer The Selected Data from Phone to Phone

The program will automatically scan the data files you can transfer. At this point the system has all the data are checked out. Select you need to transfer. If you only need to transfer Contact, then you are going to cancel the other options. Then,click on “Start Transfer”, then it will begin to move your contacts.The whole transfer process will finish soon, please keep both of the phones well connected.When the transferring process complete, click “OK”.


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