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How to Transfer Contacts Messages from Galaxy Note to S7 Edge

Phones upgrade more and more often. No one would use the same phone for years.When you replace your old Galaxy Note with a new Galaxy S7 Edge,you may first transfer your important datas to your new Samsung galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. Just like contacts adn messages,which is a gerat part of the datas, is extremely important. However, it’s a headache for many people who are not familiar with eletronic products. But with the aid of Mobile Trans,it will not be a problem to transfer contacts, text messages from old Galaxy Note/2/3/4 to Galxy S7/S7 Edge any more.

Mobile Trans is a data transfer program which is much more secure and convenient compared to the traditional methods.Traditional methods, which cost a lot of time and energy, to some extent, are quite limited. But with this Mobile Trans, you can transfer contacts, call logs, contacts messages, photos and other important datas between Galaxy Note and Galaxy S7/S7 Edge.


In the following passage, I will introduce the simple steps to transfer contacts and messages from Galaxy Note to S7/S7 Edge.

Step 1: You have to download and install the program in a computer.After that, run the program and a window will appear. And then, you need to click the button of “phone to phone transfer” to start.

Step 2: Connect both Galaxy Note and Galaxy S7 Edge to the computer via USB cables.You will find that the source phone is on the left and the destination phone is on the right. If the position is wrong, you can click the “Flip” to shift.

Step 3: Choose contacts massages which you want to transfer and click the button of “Start Copy”. The transfer will finish in a few seconds.


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