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How to Transfer Data Contacts from iPhone 4S/5 to Galaxy S7 (edge)

I got into trouble.I broke my iPhone 5 carelessly and I have to buy a new phone. In fact, I already have the right choice, I want to buy Samsung Galaxy S7. S7 will also be equipped with 2K resolution of Super AMOLED display screen, carrying Snapdragon 820 processor, with 4GB RAM+32GB/64GB/128GB of storage combination, installing Android 6.0 system, be equipped with 5 million pixels of front camera and 12 million pixels of rear camera. S7 make my heart. But what can I do to get my iPhone 5S’s contacts to my new Samsung Galaxy S7? Is it possible?

Of course,it is possible. It’s a piece of cake to Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer can transfer data between different Smartphone systems,such as iOS to Android. So it can transfer Contacts, Messages, Calendar, Photos, Music, Video and Call Logs from iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 to Galaxy S7 with ease. It’s important to note that it can also transfer Apps and App Data between iPhone to Android Phone, not just Samsung. Now,let me tell you how to transfer contacts from iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 to Galaxy S7 with the help of Mobile Transfer.

You can download the free trail version below and have a try:


Tutorial: Transfer Data Contacts from iPhone 4S/5 to Galaxy S7

First of all,you should prepare for your computer,two USB cables and your phones. Besides, you should download and install Mobile Trans.

Secondly, Run Mobile Trans on your computer

Run the Mobile Transfer on your computer, and then you can see ”Please select a mode”. Next please click on the ”Phone to Phone Transfer”mode and press “Start”. In addition, you can click other options if you need,Such as “Restore From Backups”,”Back Up Your Phone”and ”Erase Your Old Phone”.

Thirdly, Connect both your iPhone 4S/5 and Galaxy S7 to the Same Computer

Connect your phones to your computer by using two USB cables. When your source phone and the S7 are recognized, you can see them display on the screen.

Finally,Select and transfer your contacts

Now, you can transfer data. When the mobile phone has contacted, the middle interface would have many file options, including Contacts, Messages, Calendar, Photos, Music, Video, Apps and Call Logs. You can select what you want to transfer and click “Start Copy”. You can check how far the transferring progress goes with the help of the progress bar on the window. After the transferring finish, click “OK” to end. In addition, be sure not to disconnect either of your phones.



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