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How to Transfer Contacts from Huawei to Huawei P10

Good evening everyone, as a mobile phone news, I came to the news. Listen carefully, Huawei has launched a new phone – Huawei P10. P10 design inherited P series thin, stylish, colorful design concept, at the same time,in the production process, body color and peripheral accessories, a bold attempt to more popular elements. P10 is not only equipped with 8 million pixel customized version of Leica’s front camera, but also equipped with a new generation of Leica double lens and Leica SUMMILUX high-end lens. Anyway,I love it very much.My original phone was also Huawei, and I succeeded in transferring contacts from the original cell phone to Huawei P10. Of course,if there is a good way, I will not forget you.

Mobile Transfer does a useful as well as convenient software which can transfer data like pictures, information, video,contacts, etc.What you can’t think of and believe is that it is designed to adapt to different mobile system,so you don’t need to worry about the problem of system difference.Next I will tell you how to transfer contacts from Huawei to Huawei P10.


Transfer Contacts from Huawei to Huawei P10

Step 1. Choose the transmission mode

Now following me, download, install and run Mobile Transfer on the computer. After the success of the operation, choose the mode and that is”phone to phone transfer”.

Step 2. Connect both of the Huawei to the computer

Next, to achieve connecting the phones to the computer, you with the help of the two USB.

Note:Please ensure that the old Huawei as a resource phone is displayed on the left side of the computer, while the Huawei P9 as the purpose phone is connected to the right side of the computer. Besides, you can also exchange their location by clicking on the “Flip”.

Step 3. Transfer contacts from Huawei to Huawei P9.

When your phones are tested successfully, you’ll see a interface with lots of options on it, and you just check “Contacts”. After then you can click on “Star Transfer”.

Note: Be sure both of the mobile phones are connected to the computer,or you may miss some important data.

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