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How to Transfer Contacts from HTC/LG to iPhone 7 Plus

Unfortunately, I broke my HTC last weekend, so I had to buy a new iPhone 7 plus. A few days ago, the Apple store in downstair launched a promotion program. Therefore, I bought a new mebile phone iPhone 7 Plus in the store because it was affordable. To tell the truth, it’s really very different bewteen Android operating system and IOS operating system. In the beginning, I was unaccustomed to ues the IOS operating system, but I used iphone 7 Plus a day, I felt IOS operating system is better than Android operating system, from my opinion.

However, I also felt upset because the old phone HTC stored a lot of data such as my App and contacts. Although I can download App again , it’s troublesome. Thus, I want to transfer data from HTC to my new iPhone 7 Plus. There is not doubt that it’s difficult to transfer contacts from HTC/LG to iPhone 7 Plus because they have two different operating systems. HTC/LG uses Android operating system, iPhone 7 Plus uses IOS 10. Therefore, I wanted to find a method or a software which could transfer contacts conveniently and quickly. Most importent, it must be easy to use.

In fact, this is not simple because HTC/LG and iPhone 7 Plus have different operating systems. I tried to search for method online. Fortunately, I found a software which called MobileTrans was recommended by a large number of people. MobileTrans is a wonderful software which not only can transfer data from different phone but also has other function. I decided to have a try yesterday. It’s unbelievable that I transfer contacts from my HTC to iPhone 7 Plus successfully. Most important, it’s really easy because you just need finish 3 steps. If you want to transfer contacts from HTC/LG to iPhone 7 Plus, you can try the way. I sure it can help you.


Steps to Transfer Contacts from LG/HTC to iPhone 7 Plus

Step 1. install and run MobileTrans

First of all, you can install and run MobileTrans, and click the picture of “Phone to Phone Transfer”.

Step 2. Connect your devices to the computer

In this step, you can get your devices HTC/LG and iPhone 7 Plus connected by their USB cable. Now you can choose HTC/LG to the source device and the iPhone 7 Plus to destination device.

Note: The data which you choose will be transferred from the source device to the destination one. You can use the “Flip” button to exchange their position.

Step 3. Choose the file and start to transfer

Now, you can check the files that you would like to transfer. After checking, you can click on “Start Transfer” to begin the process. On the process, I suggest that you batter not disconnect the devices until the process is complete. When it finished, you can found your contacts in your iphone 7 Plus.


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