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How to Transfer Contacts from Coolpad to Samsung

We know that the Samsung mobile phone respect to the cool phone, its appearance is more beautiful, so in recent years Samsung has been popular with young people’s favorite. Some of my friends with a Coolpad before now most turn to Samsung, because Samsung is more popular, but not as expensive as apple phones, and students can also bear their costs. When we meet the various difficulties encountered in the mobile phone, below I will strongly recommend Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer is a data transfer software which can transfer contacts,photos,videos and so on from phone to phone with different system.You can’t even think is that it can also backup and store data.What a great software!Next I will take how to transfer contacts from Coolpad to Samsung as a example to teach you how to use it and you will find is so easy.


Steps to Transfer Contacts from Coolpad to Samsung

Step 1. Choose the transfer mode
Before choosing the transfer mode you have to download, install and operate Mobile Trans.After then please click “phone to phone transfer”

Step 2. Connect the Coolpad and the Samsung to PC
It’s not hard to understand that to let your phones be tested,you need to connect your phone to your computer by two USB lines.

Note:Keep your old phone as the source phone on the left and your new phone as the destination phone on the right,or you can choose to click”Fill”to exchange their location.

Step 3. Transfer your contacts from Coolpad to Samsung
Following me,now you will see a window on your computer which has many choices and you need to check “Contacts”. Next, click on the bottom of the “Start Transfer”.

Note:Be not forget let both of the phones are connected to the computer during the transfer program.

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