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How to Transfer Contacts from HTC/LG/Sony/ZTE to Samsung S7 (Edge)

“Hello, I’m Mike. Samsung S7 is released! I’m looking forward to it! I have used the HTC for two years now. It’s time for me to buy a new mobile phones! However, how to transfer the old mobile phone data to the new mobile phone?”

“Today, my LG phone accidentally fell on the ground, causing the touch screen a little fault. It is time for me to buy a mobile phone. I heard that Samsung S7 Edge is good, and I like the big screen phone. This is my type. But I have a question, how to transfer the phone’s contacts and other data to my new mobile phone directly?”

“I’m going to send a S7 to my daughter as her birthday present. She is using SONY, which has been in use for three years, and many configurations are not updated. I hope she will like this birthday gift. In addition, I would like to know how to transfer the SONY mobile phone data like text mesaages, contacts and more to the new mobile phone?”

“Hello, I’m Han. I am using the ZTE mobile phone, I have used it for two years, now it often card. So I want to change a new cell phone. S7 edge looks good. I am anxious to know if the data can be transferred to the new mobile phone from my ZTE mobile phone?”

According to the above question, I recommend you a data transfer software – Mobile Transfer. I believe that it can effectively solve your problems, let you change the mobile phone without worry.

Mobile Transfer is a safe and effective software which can easily transfer your personal data from phone to phone, including contacts, photos, text messages, music, calendar, video, apps and call logs. It is a software that can transfer data in different mobile phone system. What a powerful software. Now, please click to free download a Windows or Mac version of Mobile Transfer and follow the below steps to have a try.


Transfer Contacts from HTC/LG/Sony/ZTE/Huawei to Samsung S7 (Edge)

Step 1. Prepare for Work

You need to be ready for a computer and two USB data lines.

Step 2. Install and Run the Program

Install and run the software on your PC after downloading. At this point you see the main interface of the program is as follows.

According to the program, there are four functions for you to choose. You need to click ” Phone To Phone Transfer”, and press “Start” to go on.

Step 3. The connection of mobile phone

Without a doubt, connect your phone to your computer with the USB data line. After the connection is successful, making sure that your old phone as the source phone is shown on the left, and the S7 or S7 edge is on the right, as that you can successfully transfer your data.

Tips: You can simple click the “Flip” button to exchange the location of your phones.

Step 4. Select the Data You Need to Transfer

You need to simple tick the data you want to transfer, and press “Start Transfer” to move them from phone to phone. After the transferring progress is complete, click “OK” to finish it. In addition´╝îbe sure not to disconnect either of the phones during the whole transferring process.


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