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How to Transfer Contacts SMS from Android to Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung will be released Galaxy S7 Edge in February 21th. Its configuration is gradually exposed, people are looking forward to it. As far as I know, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge will also be equipped with 2K resolution of super AMOLED display screen, 820 carrying snapdragon processor, 4GB RAM+32GB/64GB/128GB of a combination, installing Android 6.0 system, be equipped with 5 million pixels of front camera and 12 million pixels of the rear camera. I believe that this phone will receive people’s favorite.

Recently, I received a lot of messages from users. They said that S7 edge is a worthy of the phone, but they don’t know if your old phone data can be transferred to S7 edge, because the S7 edge will use the Android 6.0 system, and now many Android mobile phone system version of the highest is 5.0. For this, my answer is: don’t worry. We can use a software – Mobile Trans. It is a software that realization of data transfer without the system, much more the same system. Mobile Transfer makes it easy to transform the data,including contacts, photos, text messages, music, calendar, video, apps and call logs from one phone to another.

Now, let me tell you how to use Mobile Trans to transfer contacts SMS from Android to S7 Edge.

Tip:Android phones, including Samsung, HTC, Motolora, HUAWEI, LG, Meizu, Lenovo, SONY, Xiaomi, etc.


Guide: Transfer Data from One Android Phones to Galaxy S7 Edge

Step 1. Install and Run the Mobile Transfer on Your PC

After download this software,install and run the Mobile Transfer on your PC,then you’ll see the primary window as follows on the desktop. You can see four tabs,including “Phone to Phone Transfer”, “Restore From Backups”, “Back Up Your Phone” and “Erase Your Old Phone. Next, click “Phone to Pone Transfer” and press “Start” to go on.

Step 2. Connect Your Android phone and S7 Edge to PC

When you click on the “Start”, the main interface will have three boxes. On the left shows the phone source,on the right is phone destination. Connect your old Android phone and S7 edge to computer by USB cable. After connection, Mobile Transfer will display both your Android phone and S7 edge in the primary window.

Step 3. Copy Contacts SMS and More from Android Phone to S7 Edge

By default, all contents you can transfer are checked. You can uncheck the files you don’t want to transfer,just select the Contacts SMS. Then, go to click “Start Transfer”,then it begin to move Contacts SMS from Android phone to S7 edge.In the process of transmission, be sure not to disconnect either of the phones.


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