2 Ways to Tansfer Data from Android to Samsung S20

Summary: If you are looking for an efficient way to transfer data from an Android phone to an Samsung S20 phone, you can follow the following guidelines and use Mobile Transfer to complete the transmission.

In the Samsung series, there is a Samsung S20, which is a relatively new model, released on February 12 this year. Samsung S20 adopts a 6.2-inch screen, equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon 865 processor supporting 5G network, and adopts a 12GB RAM+128GB ROM storage combination. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is equipped with four cameras. In front of the camera, it uses a 10 megapixel camera. In terms of rear camera, it adopts the combination of “12 megapixel main camera + 64 megapixel long focal distance camera + 12 megapixel super wide angle camera”. In addition, Samsung S20 has a built-in 4000mAh battery, and supports 25W wired fast charging and 15W wireless fast charging. In fact, in addition to the Samsung S20, the Samsung S20+ and the Samsung S20 Ultra are all models in the Samsung S20 series. The configuration of these two models will be higher, mainly reflected in the camera. Compared with S20, S20+ adds a depth of field lens on the basis of S20 camera, while S20 Ultra uses the main camera of 10800w sensor, 48 million pixel telephoto lens, 12 million pixel ultra wide angle lens and TOF depth of field lens.

Open the Android phone you are using now, and you will find that there is a large amount of data stored in it, including various types of data, such as contacts,text messages, notes, documents, photos, videos, applications, etc. Some of them, you may often use, such as contacts, applications. Some of these data, such as photos and notes, may be precious to you. So, if you want to replace a higher configuration mobile phone, such as Samsung S20, how do you deal with the data? Because even if you change your phone, the original data is just as important to you. At this time, you must want to transfer them to the new mobile phone, so as not to cause inconvenience to life and work. However, the types and storage locations of these data are different, which may cause some troubles. Because many data transfer methods are not compatible with all data, and often only transfer part of the data at once. At this time, you need a simple and efficient software to help you, that is Mobile Transfer, with which you can easily transfer data from Android to Samsung S20 and any mobile phone.

Best Method: Transfer data from Android to Samsung S20 with Mobile Transfer

In order to save precious time, it is very important to have a practical data transmission tool, which can help us solve problems effectively and quickly when we need to. Mobile Transfer will be the best way to transfer data. It can greatly simplify the process of data transmission. You only need to go through a few simple steps. It can scan the data of your Android phone and transfer a large number of different types of data at one time. It is a professional data transmission tool with simple operation, practical functions and strong compatibility. With it, you can easily transfer any data from Android phone to Samsung S20, including contacts, documents, music, SMS, call records, video photos, etc. Whether you want to transfer data from an Android phone to a Samsung S20, or to an iPhone, Huawei, LG, vivo, etc., it’s fully compatible. It is worth mentioning that it can also help you back up the data. If you need to transfer the data next time, you can directly transfer the data from the backup to any device you need, which is very convenient and fast.

Models Included: Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/S9/S10/S11/S20/S20+/S20 Ultra,etc.
Data Included: text messages, call history, contacts, photos, videos,files and more.





Here are two ways to transfer data from iPhone to the Samsung S20.

Directly Transfer All Data from Android to Samsung S20

Step 1. Run Mobile Transfer on your computer

To begin with, you need to download and install the Mobile Transfer to your computer.Then, run it to enter its home page and select “Phone To Phone Transfer” from the four options on the page and click “Start” to continue.

Step 2. Connect your Android phone and Samsung S20 to computer

Connect your Android phone and Samsung S20 to the computer using two USB cables. When recognized by the program, both devices will be displayed in the window. As shown in the figure below, your old Samsung phone will be displayed on the left, and the new Samsung S20 will be displayed on the right. If the location of the two mobile phones changes, click “Flip” to switch.

Step 3. Begin to transfer all the selected data

Now, you can start to transfer your phone data. You can see a number of projects in the middle of the window, check and select the data types you need,then click “Start Transfer”. When the transfer is complete, click “OK”.

Note: In the process of transferring data, please keep two phones connected to your computer.
Restore Data from Backup to Samsung S20

Mobile Transfer can also backup and restore your phone data with ease. So, if you’ ve backed up your Android data with this software, you can easily restore data from this backup to Samsung S20 and any other supported devices by using Mobile Transfer.

Step 1. Launch Mobile Transfer on your computer, click “Restore From Backups”to choose“MobileTrans”.


Step 2. Please choose a backup file from the left side according to your need.Then using a USB cable to connect your Android phone to computer.


Step 3. When your phone is detected, you can select the files you need and click on “Start Transfer” to transfer them to your Samsung S20.



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