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How to Sync Whatsapp Messages from iPhone to iPhone

As we all know, the smartphone, iPhone updates quickly and the newest one, iPhone 6S is having a great vogue on the market. As far sa I’m concerned, recently, due to being fed up of using my old phone, iPhone 5S, I make the decision to buy the iPhone 6S which gains popularity among people.There are so many important data stored in my iPhone 5S’memory, thus,I have to transfer them to iPhone 6S. However, although I have transfer the data such as contacts, SIM, and text messages from my iPhone 5S to iPhone 6S, I have no idea to sync the Whatsapp Messages, which upsets me a lot. When it comes to Whatsapp Messages, it is a communicating application which includes WhatsApp Chats history, Photos and Videos from iPhone to iPhone, or from iPad to iPad, iPhone to iPad, etc. For the reason that the data restored in the Whatsapp Messages is really important for me, it is fairly necessary for me to sync the Whatsapp messages between both my two iPhones.

To my delight, when turning to my friends for help, they introduced me a useful software, iOS Data Recovery. According to their introduction, it will be a piece of cake for me to sync the Whatsapp messages from my iPhone 5S to iPhone 6S so that I needn’t worry about transfering the data in Whatsapp Messages one by one. Hearing this, I am full of the hope that I can solve my problem easily. In terms of iOS Data Recovery, it is extremely simple to use it. There are three steps in all, as shown in the following steps.

Please download the free trial version below and have a try.


Steps to Transfer WhatsApp Messages Videos Photos from iPhone to iPhone

Step 1. Run the Software and Enter the Transfer Mode

After you have downloaded, installed and launched the iOS Data Recovery on your computer, click on “More Tools” from the left column and select “iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore” option from the tool list. Then make a connection between your iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S to the computer via USB cables. By default, iOS Data Recovery will automatically detect your iOS device.

Tip: If you are using the function of the first time, please click on the “Install” button which is near the “iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore” option, and make sure that you had already install the latest iTunes on your computer.

Step 2. Select the Transfer Mode and Connect Your iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S

After the installation, there are four options on the next window, please click “Transfer WhatsApp Messages” to go on.

Step 3. Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S

Once both your iPhones are recognized, you are allowed to simple click “Transfer” to sync your WhatsApp chats, photos, videos between your iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S.

Frankly speaking, it is very safe that the WhatsApp chat history on your devices will be wiped out after transferring.After using it, I consider it will be a good helper for you to transfer the Whatsapp messages and you will take full advantage of it when you need to sync data later.

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