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The newly launched Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + are under scrutiny because there is a bigger void than usual to fill. There is no doubt that this release will have a huge public relations cloud, and we can imagine how careful Samsung is when designing and manufacturing these new phones. This is really a shame, because the existence of the Galaxy S8 and S8 + is only described as some kind of test that Samsung needs to pass, and it will miss the meaning of these devices. These two devices have reimagined what Android phones can and should look like from scratch.

This is a question that needs rethinking. Not long ago, especially in India, Samsung was synonymous with Android. If you are buying a luxury phone that is not an iPhone, then it is the current popular Galaxy S model-if you want to be different, you can also buy a Galaxy Note. Other options do exist, but mainly at the edge of the market. However, brand power is not so important these days, and many companies are crying out for low prices, launching models that look the same.

The Galaxy S8 and S8 + are designed to let people remember why ultra-high-end phones exist, and to firmly establish Samsung’s market leadership in innovation, design and manufacturing. Few companies are able to try to do this-but has Samsung succeeded in surpassing Apple? We have spent enough time with the new Galaxy S brothers and sisters to tell you.

Method to recover samsung s8 photos:

Samsung Data Recovery is a perfect data recovery software that can help you recover deleted / lost data from your Android device without backup. It enables you to scan and recover deleted / lost / disappeared / lost / erase / erase photos from Samsung Galaxy S8 and s8 +. In addition to photos, it can recover a variety of Android data, including videos, contacts, text messages, call history, WhatsApp chat history, documents, application data, and more. Supports any data loss situation, including incorrect operation, factory reset, phone damage or damage, read-only memory flashing, root finding, etc.

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