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How to recover lost data from samsung s9?

or the new Galaxy S9 series, Samsung has added a security feature called Intelligent Scan, which essentially combines iris recognition and face scanning when you’re unlocking either phone. However, this mode doesn’t quite live up to its name, and can be annoying. For starters, the phone won’t unlock if you have sunglasses on, and unfortunately, there’s no raise-to-wake gesture which means you have to press either the power button or the virtual home button in order to wake the screen.

Method to recover samsung s9 data:

Samsung Data Recovery. You can use it to scan samsung s9 phone and SD card to find the deleted photos and other data from samsung s9 phone to computer. Besides videos, you can also recover deleted photos from samsung s9, messages, contacts, music, books, Whatsapp messages, call logs and other document files from  samsung galaxy s9 phones.

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