How to recover lost photos from samsung s8?

We received a midnight black S8 galaxy and a maple gold S8 + galaxy. Both colors are available, but the S8 + also has an exclusive coral blue option. Maple gold is more like a two-tone finish with sand-colored glass on the back and metallic champagne gold on the edges. It’s not fancy at all and actually looks very good, but we prefer black. It’s more holistic and magnifies the smooth look on the front. They are all fingerprint magnets, but that’s the price you pay.

The only thing that makes these phones a little bit uncertain is their narrow proportions, which takes some time to get used to. In fact, these two phones are very narrow. Although the screen is flat, the Galaxy S8 + still feels normal, while the smaller Galaxy S8 feels like one after using both phones. “Mini” phone. We were surprised at how comfortable it was to hold and use the S8. Even with the larger S8 +, it’s not difficult to touch the four corners of the screen with one thumb-although we definitely don’t recommend it when there is a danger of being hit.

Except for the physical size, both phones are the same. You will find a power button on the right, a volume rocker on the left, and a new Bixby Assistant button below. When we press the volume down button, we often find ourselves pressing the button by mistake. There is a USB-type port and a 3.5 mm audio jack at the bottom, and a hybrid dual SIM card tray at the top. Both phones are IP68 certified to prevent water and dust from entering.

Method to recover samsung s8 photos:

If you can’t find deleted photos in Recycle Bin, or your photos don’t have any backup, then you must really try Android data recovery tool, which is a perfect and most suitable¬†Samsung Data Recovery¬†software that can Help you recover deleted, lost, lost, erased, inaccessible photos / images / photos from Galaxy S8 and S8 + devices.

Steps to recover photos from samsung s8:

1. Connect Samsung phone to computer
2. Select photo files to scan on Samsung
3. Allow scanning for Samsung Galaxy S8
4. Find and recover Samsung s8 deleted photos

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