Method to recover messages from iphone 6

iPhone 6 uses Apple’s new A8 processor, which is designed internally but based on the industry standard ARM architecture. There is a separate co-processor called M8 for sensor input, which allows the A8 to go to sleep while continuously detecting and processing physical activity in the background, helping to save battery life.
The screen is certainly larger than the iPhone 5 generation, but it is still much smaller than the iPhone 6 Plus. Compared with the iPhone5 series, the resolution is not much improved, and the pixel density is exactly the same. We like the refreshing and bright display on the 6plus. Although the display on the iPhone 6 is just as good in quality, it doesn’t feel very exciting. In terms of resolution, competitors have long surpassed Apple. The difference between some of the current Android flagship phones and the iPhone 6 is definitely obvious, if it is not important in the end.

Method to recover iphone 6 messages:

If you just deleted the text messages on your iPhone 6 without a backup, it would be much safer to retrieve the deleted text messages using third-party software that has access to the iOS SQLite database. Google it, you will find a lot of free iPhone data recovery software claiming that they can recover lost data from iPhone. Among them, it is highly recommended to save deleted text on iPhone whether you have a backup or not.

Steps to recover lost text messages from iphone 6:

1. Launch the program and connect your iPhone to your PC
2. Start scanning all iPhone data
3. Preview and restore selected photos

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