How to recover lost photos from vivo v9?

Vivo places the power and volume buttons on the right, and the SIM tray on the left. The bottom of the Vivo V9 has a Micro-USB connector, as well as speakers, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a microphone. It was blank. Considering the price of V9, we are more inclined to use the USB type C port, even on lower-priced phones such as Xiaomi A1 (Review).

Rotate the phone and you will see that it has two cameras placed vertically and an LED flash. The dual camera module protrudes slightly, but has a metal edge around it to prevent the lens from being scratched. There is a fingerprint reader in the center of the back of the phone and a Vivo logo underneath. We found that the fingerprint reader was placed a bit high according to our preferences. In addition, this phone is also very comfortable to use, thanks to its rounded corners, it will not dig into the palm when holding it.

Method to recover photos from vivo v9:

Android data recovery can help you to complete Android data recovery easily. Android data recovery can recover deleted data directly from Samsung Galaxy vivo v9 like a piece of cake, and it can well recover various Android data, including contacts, messages, photos, Video, audio, call logs, documents, etc.

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Recover lost data from vivo v9

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