How to recover lost photos from samsung note 9?

The Galaxy Note9’s camera configuration is exactly the same as the Galaxy S9 Plus, including Samsung’s much-advertised variable aperture on the main 12-megapixel rear camera. The idea is that by switching between f / 2.4 and f / 1.5 under different conditions, the camera can let more light in without having to open the shutter or use software tricks. You can use Pro mode to manually switch between the two values, and. You will see the change in the physical aperture. We didn’t notice many differences in shooting unless we also covered the shutter speed and ISO settings of the camera app, as these three parameters are usually automatically compensated. In very low light, you should be able to take sharp pictures with very low noise.

Method to recover photos from samsung note 9:

An excellent software called Samsung Data Recovery will definitely help you recover lost photos and videos from Samsung  note 9 phones. In addition to media files, this program can also recover various data on Samsung phones, such as contacts, text messages, calls Records, notes, etc. Do n’t worry if you accidentally lose or delete data on your Android phone without backup.

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