How to recover lost photos from samsung note 9?

The Galaxy Note 9 is a really big phone, and despite Samsung’s best efforts, it’s very unwieldy. It’s more squared-off at the corners than its Galaxy S siblings. Thankfully, the glass back is not slippery at all, because you’ll have to keep shifting your grip on it to reach all corners of the screen, even when using both hands. It weighs 201g and you’ll definitely feel it, whether you’re watching a video, typing a message, or just carrying the phone around in a pocket.

The front and rear are glass, and the frame is aluminium. This phone feels incredibly well crafted, and the materials seem to flow into each other perfectly. The cameras on the rear protrude by less than a millimetre, and there’s a slightly raised border around the module for protection. The only real downside in terms of design is that there’s nothing very new or interesting compared to the Galaxy Note 8 (Review), or for that matter, the Galaxy S9 series.

Method to recover photos from samsung note 9:

However, there is a great tool called Samsung Data Recovery Software. It can help you recover deleted call logs from your samsung note 9 phone without having to back up your files. You can use this software to scan your phone and SD card and then find the deleted data. Before restoring, you can preview all the information about the call log and other data.

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