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The LG G5 has a metal body with a separate frame and rear shell. However, we were not satisfied with this phone at the beginning, and it gave us the impression that we were getting a mid-range plastic phone, not a flagship metal device. Although we finally heat up the G5, it’s still not as good as many other similarly priced devices we reviewed recently.
The metal case of the phone used to bend slightly at the edges, but due to the independent frame, the phone does not always feel so easy to hold. In addition, although the G5 has a 5.3-inch screen, the size of the phone is more impressive than the actual size. Another problem is the detachable modular base, which does not sit flush with the rest of the rear at all, so it looks a bit weird.

Method to recover photos from lg g5:

Well, as the cameras in smartphones get better, more and more people like to take pictures with their phones. But if you have children, remember to back up your photos to your computer or other storage device. Your data is dangerous before them. But if your photos are deleted by your child, you can now retrieve your lost photos. What you need is a file reconstruction Android data recovery.

Steps to recover lg g5 photos:

Step 1. Run android data recovery

Step 2. Enable USB debugging

Step 3. Scan your lg G5 for lost photos

StepĀ  4. Preview and recover deleted photos from LG G5

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