Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages from Samsung Note 8

I’ve found that many Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users have a software installed on their phones – WhatsApp. Users will use the software to send and receive messages, files, pictures, and so on. They value the software so much that they use it frequently every day. In addition, I found that they valued these WhatsApp messages very much, too. So they are not going to delete these WhatsApp messages in general. But how do we recover them if we accidentally delete the WhatsApp message from Samsung Note 8?

Here, I suggest users to use dr.fone – Recover (Android Data Recovery).

To begin with, in addition to restoring the deleted WhatsApp data, dr.fone – Recover (Android Data Recovery) also supports SMS, photos, video, contacts, audio and call history recovery. Secondly, it is not only compatible with Samsung Note 8, but also compatible with other models of Samsung, such as S series, C series, A series, and other brands of Android mobile, HUAWEI, ZTE, LG, SONY, OPPO, vivo and so on. If you worry that the software is difficult to master and use, the following contents will dispel your thoughts perfectly, because the recovery steps of the software are really simple.


Steps to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages from Samsung note 8

Step 1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to the computer
Before you start to restore the data, you need to download and run the dr.fone on your computer and choose “Recover”.

Step 2. Select file to scan
At this point, check the file type according to your needs. There are many kinds of files, such as photos, text messages, contacts, etc., and according to your needs, you can only select “WhatsApp messages & attachments” and click “Next”.

If your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is not rooted, dr.fone will offer two modes: Scan for deleted files and Scan for all files. Scan for all files will take longer time, but will scan for files more thoroughly.
After selecting one of the modes, click “Next”. The program begins to scan and analyze your Samsung Note 8.

Step 3. Preview and recover deleted WhatsApp Messages on Samsung Note 8
Finally, when the entire scanning process ends, you can preview the scanned data files, and they can be restored. Next, find the WhatsApp data you need to restore, check them and click the “Recover” button.

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