How to recover deleted photos from samsung s6?

The Galaxy S6 is a bit bland in style, but at least it doesn’t feel like an ugly toy. Only the camera protruding is a real issue, although for the quality we get, we can accept it. Anyway, you still need a protective box, which can reduce the lump to a certain extent.

If you are buying a high-end Android phone with a reasonable size screen and cost, then at this moment, there is really nothing to beat the Galaxy S6. If you can stick with it for a while, we recommend waiting until HTC, LG and even Sony launch their competitors. If style is more important than anything, then the Galaxy S6 Edge has all the same features and advantages.

It’s also worth noting that the price of the Galaxy S5 has dropped to nearly half of its listing price, and it is only one year old. The flagship does not age in terms of specifications and performance, so the S5 is a viable alternative.

Method to recover  samsung s6 photos:

Therefore, they are deleted but can be recovered using professional data recovery software. For example, you can follow this guide to recover text messages from Samsung phone. If you accidentally perform a factory reset on Samsung, you can refer to the instructions here to restore your phone data after a factory reset. Samsung Data Recovery is the best Android recovery software, but it may not be the only one on the market. This phone recovery program is powerful and can recover contacts, text messages, call history, WhatsApp chat, photos, videos, music, etc. from various Android-based smartphones such as Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. Various data.

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