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How to Transfer Text Messages Between Android and iPhone

transfer-messages-between-android-iphone-245656456“I bought an iPhone 6, I used to use the I9220 before, there are lots of text messages that sent with my girlfriend storing inside it, all these messages are recorded the dribs and drabs between us from I recognize her to now, I do not want to lose any of them, I want to transfer all of them from I9220 to my iPhone 6 now, how should I do, do not just tell what software I can use, please explain in detail steps, by the way, my iPhone have no jailbreak.” — Asked by Jones.

Phone replacement, naturally prompting the user to replace a better phone, iPhone 6 seem indeed a good choice. However, to replace a new phone is not equal to discard the data in your old phone. Some data like contacts, text messages, photos and more are very important to user, just like Jones. To transfer text messages from Android to iPhone, or copy iPhone SMS to Android device, whether it is for security reasons, or want to save your time, you just need a effective method. Phone Data Transfer is what we strongly recommend.

Phone Data Transfer is a comprehensive data transfer and management software, which enables you one click to transfer data like contacts, SMS, photos, call history and more between Android and iOS devices. Besides, you can backup data from your phone to PC, restore data from computer back to your phone, and permanently delete all data from your phone by using this Phone Data Transfer software.

Steps to Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone, And Vice Versa

Step 1. Download and install the program on your computer

The Phone Data Transfer program provides the trial Windows and Mac version for user to download and try, just click the corresponding button below to download it and install on your computer.


After installation, the program will automatically launch, then you can see the pop-up window as below, now, click on “Start” under the “Phone to Phone Transfer” option to enter the transfer interface.

Step 2. Connect you phones to the program and scan the data

Now, please take out your USB cables to respectively connect your Android and iPhone to your computer, once both of them are detected by the program, the Phone Data Transfer will automatically scan the transferable data on your source phone, if done, all the found data will be listed in the middle of this window.

Note: If you want to change the position of your source phone and destination phone, just tap the “Flip” button at the top of middle panel.

Step 3. Transfer your text messages from Android to iPhone

According to your need, mark the data those you want in the data choose panel, here, we choose the “Text Messages” and click “Start Copy“, the program will transfer your all your SMS between your phone soon, if done, click “OK” to close the window.

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In addition of text messages, Phone Data Transfer can also transfer other personal data like contacts, photos and more between any iPhone and Android devices, such as iPhone to Samsung, HTC to Samsung, LG to iPhone, iPhone to Android and so on.

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