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How to Transfer Data from Windows Phone to Android

Windows Phone has a desktop customization, drag the icon, slide control and a series of avant-garde of operating experience.
Its main screen to display new e-mail, messages, missed calls, calendar appointments and other important information to get people to keep time updates by providing a dashboard-like experience. It also includes an enhanced touch-screen interface, more convenient finger operation; and an updated version of IE Mobile browser – third-party investigation of the browser in a Microsoft-sponsored the participation of research and other browsers and phones compared to the proportion exceeds the specified task can run as high as 48%. Steve – Ballmer said: “The new Windows phones to the network edge, PC and mobile phone rolled into one, so that people can enjoy anytime, anywhere you want to experience.”

You have some amazing files on your Windows Phone and you want to send them to your Andorid Phone device. But the Internet is down or you don’t want to eat up precious megabytes off your data pack. So what do you do to send these files?

There’s an easy way and a slightly hard way to get the job done with Mobile Transfer software. The easy solution is of course to find a computer and connect both your phones to it and download the free Mobile Transfer trail version . Now simply copy and paste files from one device to another – both will show up as removable drives on the computers. This is as simple as copying stuff from one pendrive to another.

The one-click Mobile Transfer tool lets you copy contacts, SMS, photos,videos, whatsapp data, music and more between Android, Symbian, Windows Phone and iOS devices, and backup and restore phone data effortlessly.

Now, please download the free trail version and have a try


Use Guide to Trasfer Data from Windows Phone to Android:

Step 1: Download and install the Mobile Transfer software on your computer.

Download and install the Phone to Phone Transfer software on your computer, click on “Start” to switch to the Phone to Phone Transfer mode.

Step 2: Click on “Phone to Phone Transfer” and connect both your Windows Phone and Android mobile phone on your computer via USB cables.

After you connect both devices, you can switch the data and destinations phones by clicking on the “Flip” button on the program.

Step 3: Select the data you would like to transfer by checking the box beside the file type.

Now, you are allowed to check out the data like contacts, text messages, photos and more as you want, and click on the “Start Copy” button to transfer them from windows phone to android.
The program can support Photos, Videos, and Music files. If you need to transfer Contacts from Windows phone to Android devices, you can backup the contacts to your Onedrvice first, and then Mobiletrans can help you restore the backed up contacts to Android devices.

Step 4. Click on “Start Transfer” to begin the transfer process

Keep both phones corrected during the entire process.


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