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How to Transfer Calendar from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Honestly, I have a habit of writing my schedules in my phone to remind me what I need to do. It’s uesful for someone who has a short memory.

As a big fan of Samsung, I’m so interested in the new product – Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Without hesitation, I brought one last week. It’s no wonder that it satisfies all my demands. A supper screen and a narrow Bezel wisen my vision, OIS makes the photos with high definition, an expended memory can make sure that I can reserve everything I like, ect.. Anyway, it provides me a more comfortable and pleasure experience.

However, there is a problem, how can I transfer calendar from my previous iPhone SE to Samsung Galaxy Note 8? That’s why I wrote this article. In reality, you just need the all-in-one data transfer tool named Mobile Transfer, which you can transfer whatever you want from one phone to another, such as videos, photos, music, text messages, contacts, calendar, apps and more. So, you can easily to sync your calendar from iPhone to Samsung Note 8 by using this tool.

It’s easy to operate, so let me introduce you to how to use this software.


Steps to Transfer Calendar from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Step 1. Connect two devices to the computer.

Please install and launch the Mobile Transfer on your computer, then click the “Phone to Phone Transfer” and press “Start” in the primary interface. Then open the next window, please connect your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to computer by using their USB cables.

Step 2. Choose what you want to transfer and start it.

The software will be self-acting to detect and scan your phones, when it have finished, you can find that your phone is shown on both sides of the window. By the way, please let the iPhone is displayed on the left, and the Samsung phone is displayed on the right, if not, it will turn out that you just exchange their position via the “Flip” button.

Now you can check the file type like calendar you trend to transfer. If you have chosen already, you can click the “Start Transfer” button to make it operated. In addiion, please don’t disconnect two devices during it’s operating, or it will be noneffective.

Tip: You can check the “Clear Date Before Copy” box if you would like to erase data on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 before copying the new data.

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