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How to Get iPhone Out Of Apple Logo Looping after iOS 10 Upgrade


I believe that a lot of people are concerned about the performance of Apple Corp in the WWDC developer conference. The iOS update has become the most exciting news for users. IOS10 update Siri, users can directly send WeChat, call taxi drops, Uber taxi by Siri, also support the payment, for example by Alipay to transfer money to a friend. IMessage on the ios10 function has also been a big upgrade, in addition to sending text and pictures, you can also send video directly, to support local video, but also can be real-time shooting At the same time it also supports local video and real time shooting. IMessage also added support for the handwriting, the user can send a handwritten message to a friend. In addition, the apple also opened to the developer of the IMessage interface, so that it can call more content. In the future users directly in the IMessage to send location information, red packets have become possible.

I was attracted by the new features of iOS10, so I updated the phone’s system. However, I found the apple logo had a problem. Is there any way to solve this problem? Did I fail to upgrade?

iOS Data Recovery can solve your problem. It has several features, such as iOS Data Recovery, iOS System Recovery, iOS Data Backup & Restore, iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore, iOS Viber Backup & Restore. And you can use “iOS System Recovery” to fix your cell phone. It can solve all kinds of problems like recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, looping on start, etc. It can only repair your iOS system, and not restore your data. It is used in a variety of iOS devices, such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


How to Get iPhone Out Of Apple Logo Looping after iOS 10 Upgrade

Step 1. Download and run the program on your computer

Download, install and run the software on your computer. Then you can find the left column has four icons, click on the fourth “More Tools”, and then choose “iOS System Recovery” from “More Tools”.

Step 2. Connect your phone to your computer.

When the program identifies your cell phone, you can click “Start” to enter the next step.

Step 3. In order to repair your system, you need to download the firmware for your iOS device.

The program will automatically identify your phone model and provide the latest version of iOS, you only need to click the “download”. The program will automatically download for you.

Step 4. When the firmware download is complete, the program begins to automatically repair your system for you to make your cell phone run properly. When the repair is complete, it will show “Repair operating System is done”. Finally, your problem is solved.

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