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How to Permanently Delete Whatsapp Messages from iPhone

delete-iphone-whatsapp-chat-historyWhatsApp, a instant messaging software, is currently the world’s largest number of users, the most active users of software. Currently there are more than 600 million users in the world in the use of Whatsapp every month. WhatsApp is a cross platform communication application that can be used for iPhone and other smart phones. You can send messages to friends and relatives through 3G or WiFi, to share pictures, audio, video and so on. As an instant messaging application, no advertising, no bother, really give the user a clean chat environment. So WhatsApp is favored by iPhone users. In addition, privacy is very important for everyone, so we need to delete our chat messages. But simply delete can not protect our privacy, because these data can recover by the data recovery software. So we need to completely remove these information. What should I do? Is there any effective way ensuring to delete data permanently?

iOS SafeEraser, which is designed to delete data forever, including photos, contacts, messages, call history, apps attachments, etc. It keeps your private information irrecoverable and safe as well as making your iPhone more efficient. In addition, it can completely clear your cache. It can compress your iOS device captured photos and export photo to reclaim more storage and free up your iDevices. This is a powerful software.


Now, please click the above buttons to free download a trial version, and follow the below steps to permanently delete your WhatsApp messages, chat history as well as attachments. But attention please, all the data delete by this tool can not being restored when it completed, so if you want to restore this contents afterwards, you’d better backup the data from iPhone to PC or iCloud.

Guide: Permanently Delete Whatsapp Messages from iPhone

Step 1. Manually Delete the WhatsApp Messages on Your iPhone

Before you use iOS SafeEraser, you need to remove the messages from the WhatsApp app. So, you should open the WhatsApp, and then delete the messages which you don’t wanted.

Step 2. Install and Run iOS SafeEraser

To begin with, install the software according to the prompts. Next, run iOS SafeEraser after installation. Then, the main interface will have five blue circles, from left to right are “Erase All Data”, “Erase Deleted Files”, “Erase Private Data”,“ Space Saver”, “iOS Optimizer”.

Step 3. Connect your iPhone to Your Computer

You need to prepare a USB cable. You should connect your iPhone to your computer via it. After the connection is successful, the left side of the window will display your phone’s storage. At this point you need to click on the second circle,which is “Erase Deleted Files”.

Step 4. Select WhatsApp Messags to Delete

Then,iOS SafeErase will scan the phone data which you have deleted, such as Messages, Contacts, Photos, Call history, etc.. When the scan completes, the left will show you the data types which you have deleted, and all types are checked. You should just check out the WhatsApp Messages you want to fully deleted. Basides, cancel other options. Next, click on the lower right corner of the “Erase Now”.

To confirm the deletion, you need to enter “delete” in the box and go on. After that, WhatsApp messages start to be deleted, wait for a while, it will appear “Successfully”, delete WhatsApp messages successfully. In the entire process of removing,you need to ensure that the connection is successful and there is no disconnect. You don’t have to be afraid that your information is leaking out.

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