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How to Permanently Erase Data from iPhone Before Selling

erasing-ios-dataSo far, I have collected lots of problems asked by the iOS fans on my BBS, and I found that the common problems is how to permanently wipe data from iPhone before selling. Next, I will show you why we need to erase the previous data on old iPhone and how important to erase all data from our iPhone before selling permanently.

Last two years, the high prevalence rate of smart phones, promoted the development of various kinds of application on smartphone, and almost each smart phone can be downloaded several applications. The iOS users often used iPhone to browse the news, access to social networking, browse video web site, mobile payment, etc, it is feel so convenient and quickly. But it also will leave some personal related information in the mobile phone at the same time. Such as browsing history, location information, bank or credit card account information, website login name and password, personal ID address, etc.

Recently, China CCTV reported a news, and it caused extensive concern of the society from all walks of life. According to the report, although the iOS users have deleted their iPhone contacts, SMS, videos, photos, whatsapp history before selling, or even restored the factory settings and format the memory card, however, there is still any way to restore the deleted information from your resold iPhone. Based on the analysis of the police, many criminals access to the original owner’s id number, bank card number, telephone number and other screenshots, copy the phone CARDS to silver of loopholes and through the net silver message authentication to make mechanism, so as to steal money. But why can the criminals recover the previous deleted data on the second hand iPhone? The answer is that the previous iPhone owner haven’t permanently erase all their iPhone data before. And the current data show that the mobile phone users almost will change a cell phone every one and a half years. So, if we want to resell our old iPhone or other smartphone just like Samsung, HTC, LG, ZTE, Sony, Blackberry to others, and worried about their iPhone information being stolen, so, how to permanently erase data from iPhone before selling?

Fortunately, there is an app called iPhone Data Eraser which is developed with the aim to delete everything permanently on iPhone in a simple way. iOS Data Eraser is the powerful data eraser designed for iPhone/iPad/iPod device users who want to deleted their wanted data on the iOS surface or permanently erase data from their iPhone forever before selling or get it away to others. Please don’t be worried. With the iOS Data Eraser, just one click to erase personal data with nothing recoverable permanently. So the next thing you need to do is download the free trial version below and have try.


How to Permanently Erase iPhone Data Before Selling

Step1: Download and install iPhone Data Eraser on the computer

Please download and install the iPhone Data Eraser on the computer above the download button, then connect your iPhone to the computer via USB, the main window will pop up as below:

Step2: Choose Erasing Option in the window of program

There are 5 ways to permanently delete data in the window program, “iOS Optimizer” “Space Saver” “Erase Private Data” “Erase Deleted Files” and “Erase All Data“, but on this step you just need to click the “Erase Deleted Files” option in the left side bar which can completely erase all deleted data on your device, including photos, logins, bank or credit card account information, caches, contacts, etc.

Step3: Start to analyze and scan the deleted files on iPhone

Click “Start Scan” button and the program will start analyzing and scanning the deleted data on your iPhone. It will take a few minutes for scanning.

Step4: Erase deleted files on iPhone

When scan is completed, it will remove all data and settings on your device. Select the data you want to delete and click “Erase Now” to begin permanently erasing the deleted files.

Step5: Click “Done” and successfully erased

After you successfully erased the data on iPhone, it won’t be able to recover them with any method forever.

Note: This iPhone Data Eraser is indeed an amazing tool. As far as I know, iOS Data Eraser is the best option for secure data deletion for any iOS powered device.


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