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How to Clear Cookies Cache on iPhone

clear-iphone-ipad-ipod-junk-files_0152601Cache is a buffer for data exchange, when a hardware to read the data, it will first look for the required data from the cache, if found directly executed, if can not, it will find from memory. Because cache run much faster than the memory’s speed, so the role of cache is to help the hardware run faster. Therefore, at the same time you run applications on your iPhone, including surfing the internet, chatting, watching videos, listening to music, playing games and so on, there are a large amount of cache and cookies will be produced. These cache and cookies will cause the phone runs sluggish. So, you need a reliable and effective erased tool to clear cookies and cache on your iPhone.

To competely clean up cache and cookies on your iPhone, as well as iPad and iPod touch, we strongly suggest you to use the iOS Data Eraser. iOS Data Eraser is a powerful and professional data management and erased tool, help cleaning software cache, junk files, system cache, software uninstalled remnants file and even apps’ installation packages, so as to clean up space on iPhone or other iOS devices. Besides, with the hlep of this erased program, you can also compress your iOS device captured photos to reclaim more storage, uninstall unused apps, erase private data, eraser already deleted files, and even permanent erase all data from your iOS devices.

Free download the software below and have a try.


Two Ways to Clear Cookies Cache on iPhone iPad and iPod Touch

After installation, luanch the iOS Data Eraser on your computer, at the same time, connect your iPhone to computer with its USB cable, then you will see the pop-up window as below.

Part 1 Locates and Cleans Junk Files from iPhone

Step 1. Click on “iOS Optimizer” > “Star Scan” to let the program start scanning all the junk files (including cookies and cache) on your iPhone.

Step 2. After the scan is finish, the total amount of junk files on your iPhone will be listed in the right of window. Select the junk files you’d like to erase and click “Clean Up” to permanent delete them from your iPhone.

Once the clearing process is complete, the cleanup results will be displayed.

Note: Before wiping, you are allowed to click the blue Rescan button, to scan your phone once again.

Part 2 Erase Private Data Stored on iPhone

Step 1. Click on “Erase Private Data” > “Star Scan” to let the program analyze and scan the data on iPhone.

Step 2. Once the scan is finish, select items listed under Private Data to view data details. After that, click to “Erase now” to completely delete the selected data, you will be prompted to type the word “delete” to confirm the permanent deletion of the data.

When the erased process is complete, you can see the window as below.

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