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How to Free Up More Space on iPhone/iPad Before iOS 11 Update

iOS 11 sets a new standard for the world’s most advanced operating system. With iOS 11, the app and functionality on your iPhone or iPad will be more powerful and intelligent. Among them, you can build intelligence into your apps. ARKit provides positional tracking and scene understanding so you can create immersive augmented reality apps. In addition, the camera, SiriKit, Drag and Drop, MusicKit, AirPlay 2 and other aspects have been further improved.

Many users are willing to upgrade their iPhone or iPad to iOS 11. Some iPhone or iPad users will do a job to free up space for their devices before upgrading iOS 11. When it comes to upgrading iOS 11, it will require sufficient room in the device to accommodate the iOS 11 downloading package. However, many users do not really free up iPhone/iPad space. In many cases, many junk files or useless data are still stored in the device. So, how to free up more space before iOS 11 update for your iPhone and iPad devices?

You can use iOS Data Eraser. iOS Data Eraser is a safe and practical. Firstly, it can really protect your device data. When you use it to optimize your device, the deleted data are non recoverable. Because it uses US Military method to destroy data. Precisely because of this, it can really and efficiently make space for your device. And the software is simple to use, so you don’t have to worry about its operation is difficult to master. In addition, the software supports various types of devices, including iPhone and iPad.


One Click to Free Up More Space on iPhone/iPad Before iOS 11 Upgrade

Step 1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer

First of all, you need to download and install iOS Data Eraser on your computer. After running it, please use a USB line to connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer.

Step 2. Select the iOS optimizer feature

When your iPhone/iPad is recognized by the program, the main interface of the program will have six icons, and you need to click the “iOS optimizer”. Then you’ll go into a new window, where there are six options for you to optimize, and you just need to click the “Start Scan” button.

Step 3. Select the file and start optimizing the files and system

The program starts scanning your iPhone/iPad data, which will take you a few minutes. When the scan process is over, you can see all the files that can be cleaned. They’re all sorted out. You just have to tick the data you want to clean, and then click the “CleanUp” button.

After the process finishes, SafeEraser will automatically reboot your iPhone/iPad and then shows how much space you’ve saved.

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