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How to Transfer Your Data from Android to Computer for Backup

backup-android-data-to-pc-24556446001This is a digital age, according to a professional survey data, the majority of Android users spend at least five hours a day on their cell phone or tablet to play games, chat, surf the web, take photos, watch videos and so on. In other words, your Android devices has been generating or saving new data all the time, and some of which may be very important to you, just like contacts, text messages, photos, apps, etc. Therefore, in order to avoid your data being deleted or lost, you ought to doing a regular Android backup, so that you can restore the lost data after accidently deletion, factory settings restore, rooting and other situations.

To completely and easily backup your data from Android phone or tablet to computer, you need the efficient and reliable data transfer and managment tool, Android Data Transfer is such an ideal software that we strongly recommend. With the help of this transfer tool, you are allowed one click to backup and restore your Android data including contacts, SMS, photos, muisc, apps, videos and more. What’s more, the program widly compatible with almost all kinds of Android devices, not just Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Motolora, HuaWei, ZTE, Acer, and so forth.

Steps to Backup Your Data from Android Phone and Tablet to Computer

Step 1. Download and install the Android Data Transfer on your computer

Before you can backup your Android, you need to download and install the transfer program on your computer first. The program provides the trial version of Windows and Mac for user to download and try, just click the corresponding button below to download it.


The Android Data Transfer will automatically run after installation, then you can see the main interface as the below picture. Meanwhile, connect your Android phone or tablet to computer by using a USB cable, it will be detected soon.

Step 2. Selectively backup whatever you want to your computer

Once your Android device is recognized, the program will automatically scan the transferable data on your device, and list in the left column, such as contacts, SMS, apps, photos, videos, etc.. You can tap out them one by one to view the detailed content on the right panel, here we take contacts as an example, just mark those contacts you want to backup and go to “Export” > “Export selected contacts to computer“, or “Export all contacts to computer” to export your contacts to computer for backup, the same as other data.

Step 3. One click to backup all data to computer

In the primary interface, click “One-Click Backup” if you want a complete backup. Then the backup dialog will pop up, which enables you backup all contacts, text messages, calendars, call logs, photos, music, playlists info, video and apps. If you just want some categories of them, uncheck the unwanted files and then click “Back Up“.

Note: You can click the “Browse” button to change the saved location of your backup file. Please keep your Android connected during the whole transfer process.

Step 4. Restore the backup data to your Android device

Lost data from your Android, or accidently deleted some important files, please don’t worry, you just need to go to “Toolkit” > “Restore” to recover these data to your Android phone or tablet.

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